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Support One Another.It's The Cool Thing To Do

Brewing is a craft

that transcends further than just the beer itself. With each beer that is enjoyed a new experience is brought about, creating a unifying social hub of diverse communities. 

Art is the only things that will never stop breaking boundaries & connecting communities that would normally collide. Like beer, art acts as a catalysts for individuals to put aside their mundane differences & to enjoy that moment of pure human connection. As a brewery, bringing these diverse groups of people together to enjoy the same pleasures is just as much a priority as is creating the perfect brew. 

Drink Local.

           Shop Local 

After COVID-19 hit our nation & came time to get back on our feet we spent many  moments figuring out how we can give back to our community of artists, and while staring at a blank wall, it all clicked. With events being canceled and no idea of what the future holds for freelance artists that have art but no where to show, we decide to let local artists take over our Downtown Taproom walls with whatever art they want to sell to the public. 

This gives locals artists 

the opportunity for their art to be seen by those that live near & traveling from afar. Free exposure, 100% profit  for our local artists & we have the pleasure to have their beautiful 

art hung on our walls until it finds its forever home. We will always be rotating artists  that want to debut their unique art amongst our craft beer community.With each new artist that comes about we will throw an art showcase party to shine some light on the artist & gain awareness for the beauty they bestowed upon us! 

Local Artist? Waiting for your chance to shine? 

It's time.Right here. Right now.

Email for more info

Support Local 

Featured Artists 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 4.06.26 PM.png

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About the Artist:

Rosalie Cocci

Born & raised in Florida,

Rosalie has always been the creative type; from adding patches, spikes, & doodles to purses & jeans, to tearing apart a vintage knick-knacks & turning them into one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.

With an eye for all things vintage, Rosalie incorporates her love for classic cars, skateboards, vintage aesthetics and notions from a time forgotten in each piece she creates. This art focuses on recycled magazines from the 1940's to the 1980's. All images used are the original pages out of magazines such as Life, National Geographic, and Good Housekeeping. Every single on is unique and will never be replicated.

Travis Luther Art

Travis Luther Art

About The Artist:

Travis Luther

A born and raised Floridian. He is a self-taught artist who believes his art is a positive outlet to the everyday grind of life.

His positive outlet has created hundreds of pieces varying from graphite pencil drawings, oil and acrylic painting. 

With a Florida theme being his main focal point for his art, he explores subjects from sea life to birds and Florida landscapes. 

Being a fisherman himself he enjoys painting people holding their catch as an alternative to taxidermy. Which upholds his belief in conservation and capturing the moment to cherish for years to come. 

Travis enjoys painting live and interacting with his audience. He is active with social media, and can be searched with the hash-tag:

#TravisLutherArt or #IPaintYourCatch

Instagram: @travislutherart

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