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The Cores

Taste the history of the Nations oldest city with our 6 

Taste History. Make History. Ancient City Brewing.

galleon's golden ale

4.8% ABV  |  16 IBUs


AROMA: Light malt aroma with a faint hint of zesty hops

FLAVOR: A combo of light and pale malts result in a slightly sweet flavor that finishes medium dry, crisp, and refreshing. Our selection of hops lends this beer a delicate floral and herbal aroma and flavor but no bitterness. 

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: Versatile and approachable, our Golden Ale is a classic that pairs well with a wide variety of foods from savory brunch plates to delicate seafood and fresh salads. 

augustine's orange amber ale

5.3% ABV  |  25 IBUs


AROMA: Caramel malt notes complimented by hints of sweet orange.

FLAVOR: Juicy orange sweetness is quickly followed by malty caramel notes and restrained hop bitterness.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: This Amber Ale pairs well with your regulars: beer friendly foods such as burgers, wings, fried wings, and pizza. But don't stop there! Get crazy and try this with some Chinese Orange Chicken or a goat cheese, arugula, and dried cranberry salad. 



matanzas river red ale

6.2% ABV  |  26 IBUs


AROMA: Sweet and gentle malts with a biscuit and bready aroma. Hints of Toasted Pecan.

FLAVOR: Robust, roasted, and malty with hints of chocolate resulting in a slightly sweet and dry finish. A very mild hop character helps to balance this classic. 

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: The toastiness in this red ale pairs well with many roasts or grilled meats. Try it with a rotisserie chicken and herb roasted vegetables or some true Southern BBQ.

(Pro tip: keep tabs on our Facebook to see when County Road Provisions is at the Brewhouse! Trust us, you won't want to miss this BBQ)

ponce's pale ale

5.5% ABV  |  35 IBUs


AROMA: Citrus fruit with hints of pine and a caramel malt aroma.

FLAVOR: A delicate balance of hops and caramel malts results in a malty body with a resinous pine flavor; medium hop bitterness with a dry finish. 

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: The hop bitterness in this pale ale cuts through many cheeses and can also lift the fire off your palate from spicy foods. Try it with Mexican dishes like fajitas with salsa verde or go even spicier with Thai spicy noodles or Tom Yum. 



castillo coconut porter

6.3% ABV  |  22 IBUs


AROMA: Dark and slightly burnt molasses with just a hint of coffee.

FLAVOR: Rich and dark, just as it looks, with a smooth and velvety texture. The finish is long and sweet with lingering flavors of toasted coconut and dark chocolate. 

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: Take this porter to your next cookout and pair it with a char-grilled porterhouse steak. The roasted malts in this beer also go well with many cured meats like proscuitto and salami. In the mood for something sweet? Pair this porter with triple chocolate cake with ice cream!



Anastasia island ipa

6.5% ABV  |  65 IBUs

AROMA: Citrusy grapefruit, mandarin, and orange orange along side earthy and piney hops.

FLAVOR: This is a hop forward beer that is true to the style. Big hop flavors of pine and citrus result in a bitter and dry finish.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: It's almost impossible to say when the Anastasia ISN'T delicious. This beauty makes friends with all meals from burgers to sushi and BLTs to brisket. Pro Tip: Tate's favorite pairing is with a Spicy Tuna Roll. 

But we didn't just stop there... 

For those beer lovers who don't like to keep it ordinary,

we will always have something different brewing up for you...

Some are seasonal, some special & some one time only never to be seen AGAIN!

ONLY available at our Brewhouse OR Downtown Taproom

Seasonal Beer Currently Tapped

Here for a good time,

but not a long time. . .

El Santo mexican lager - Left Turn on Red red ale

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